Media and Entertainment:

Our research in Media and Entertainment involves study of audience markets to determine the user pattern and content consumption trends for information and entertainment. Our research data can be leveraged by the content producers to tailor their content for their target audience based on the trend data, demography of user base, and various media platforms.

Renewable Energy

Our research in the domain of Renewable Energy focuses primarily on Solar Power Generation. Our work covers the technologies and processes involved in deployment and commissioning of Solar Power Plant. The research also intends to identify solutions for Storage, Autonomous Grid, Failure Management and Energy Consumption by integrating Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capability into the power monitoring systems commissioned at the power production site and the power grid.


FinTech is in its infancy, picking up its pace in India. With the Digital India campaign launched by Government of India, there is strong push to Digitize various services including the Financial Services. FinTech in India has slowly started to make its way into financial services such as Money Transfer, Lending, Payments, etc.

Our research in the domain of FinTech focuses on adopting Data Analytics for Capital Market Investments and Trading. We are putting efforts to build a platform that uses data analytics for predicting the performance of stocks listed in the equity market. The platform is intended to enable investors of all sizes and with different risk appetites to build and manage their own portfolios of stocks through reliable, accurate and consistent prediction of stock performance.

Food and Beverage


Health Care


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